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I was fortunate to be a part of the creation of one of most advanced sustainability efforts in today’s fashion industry at AG jeans; one that goes well beyond eco-tags and lip service to the consumer and truly makes a difference. Below is just a few points to highlight:


- Using eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable fibers in fabrics

- Using laser machines that eliminate the use of water, chemicals or stones during the aging process of denim

- Using biodegradable chemicals that are formaldehyde free and require lower wash temperatures and fewer wash cycles.

-Installing energy and heat saving boxes in commercial dryers

-Launching of the 100% Recycled Water Filtration System meaning 0% of the laundry water is wasted or dumped back into the sewer systems or the ocean.

- Recycling of all fabric scraps left over after the cutting process into work gloves, insulation or padding for new cars.

-Partnerships like Boxed water and Water for the people




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